Thursday, October 11, 2012

Internet is BACK!

I am SO thankful to have our internet back—after our provider went bankrupt in classical Zambian style (no problem collecting money, a big problem with money ‘walking away.’), we were left with no internet till Monday of this week. While the enforced internet fast did not disrupt my life to much, it did make teaching a little trickier some days, and while it’s one thing to have the option communicate and choose not to, not being able to communicate is a whole other kettle of fish!

Our second round of chicken pox was just three kids—they are recovering fast, and another week’s incubation period is just about up. I have had chicken pox as have all the other staff members, so at least that isn’t a concern. It was kind of interesting to see what chicken pox looked like on darker skin—I didn’t notice my one student had it till he came to class slathered in white anti-itch cream! No one has had a sever case yet, so we continue to pray and keep a close eye on our charges.

We had a huge storm today with some pea sized hail. It’s getting to that time of year where you have to be very careful what windows you leave open, and what things you leave plugged in. The more frequent storms mean more frequent power outages—later this month we should be getting the generator that will be solely for the kitchen. Even from my house on the other side of the station I can hear the rumble of the generator and I know that I need to be careful with how much power I use. I don’t ever remember giving it a second thought back home—the only time I ever thought about electricity was at Christmas when I made sure I didn’t plug too many light strands together, and distributed the strands over two power bars (we put A LOT of light on our tree!). Here, it’s a pretty daily concern. Yup--living in a third world country can be pretty different!

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