Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The end is in sight...

The spots are fading away, and life is returning to normal here in the bush. Hopefully that last wave was the worst of the epidemic—there aren’t that many people left who could catch it! It sure has made some things interesting, but I guess that as with so many other normal parts of childhood, being at a boarding school makes them a much bigger deal!

It’s Independence Day today, which means a day off school, swim races, and a bonfire. While it will be nice to not teach on one of my craziest days, it’s a bit hard to loose a school day in the middle of the week. The national grade 7 exams are coming up next week, and things will be a little wild then as well. I worked some more on the end of term songs with the juniors yesterday—I can’t believe that we are half-way there already!

The rains are definitely here to stay, and things are really greening up. I love this time of year when the scarlet of the Flamboyant trees contrasts with the vivid green of the plants exploding into life. This is when the tall grass shoots up, and when the sun shines between rain storms, it can be almost too bright to bear. That is one of the reasons that I’m so thankful for living in the bush—Lusaka has almost no green to it at all. Not to mention the crazy traffic and loud noises!


  1. When you say it is raining, I think of the pictures you showed your first rainy season. The road was washed out! Hope it doesn't happen this year again. How is your puppy doing? Imagine he is getting bit. Glad the Chicken Pox epidemic is finally drawing to a close. Have a good week. Hugs, gw

  2. Oops, somehow I hit the wrong key & your puppy got bit instead of BIG !! Ha