Friday, February 8, 2013

February Update

Dear Friends and Family, Term 1 of 2013 is well and truly started, and time is already flying! The first term of our school year is always a bit of a challenge—getting kids settled into a new grade, training our new students in our rules and expectations, and dealing with the inevitable crop of new challenges. Things have been going well this term, and while life is never boring, God has been very good! This week is our first half-term, so we have all been enjoying the more relaxed schedule. It is so important to have these times of rest and recreation with the kids—when you are a teacher/parent, these fun times are when you can really bond with the kids and help build good memories with your students. Activities over half-term included tubing down the very low river, swimming in our pool, early morning swim, a staff v. students soccer game, and lots of free time outside and at the river playground. Special meals and Bar One candy bars help make the holiday mood last all day. Staff also use half-term as a chance to get a bit of extra rest, and to catch up on marking and the other projects that tend to pile up during term.

It has been so encouraging to hear of several more children making a profession of faith since coming back to school. Now we pray that these young lives will go on and make a stand for Christ wherever they end up. It’s amazing to hear what passing comments or simple things sparked the thoughts that lead to accepting Christ, and is a good reminder that when you are being faithful to do His will, amazing things can happen! I am really working with my students in scripture class to focus on discipling and equipping them for the challenges they will face when they leave here. I have seen to many young people without a firm foundation in Christ drifting and living away from Him.

As I continue to make plans and prepare for my furlough, God has been doing some mighty works on my behalf. In provision beyond my needs, the opening of doors, and working out details, He is proving Himself faithful and overwhelmingly good. One thing that I am still praying about is for the Lord to raise someone up to help cover my duties while I’m away. God has never left us with too few people to make it through a term, and we are confidently waiting on Him. This year will be a bit challenging with many staff members going home for different parts of the year, but we look to Him to provide as He always has in the past.

A second small, but important prayer request is for the rains to keep coming until the water table has a chance to get back to normal. This rainy season we have not had as much rain as normal, and there is some concern for the local people who are mostly subsistence farmers eking out a living with their vegetable gardens and pineapple fields. Last year the rains stopped early, and we are praying that the Lord will keep sending enough water to make the wells fill up again and the much needed crops grow. We are not in serious trouble yet, but are concerned for the wellbeing of the villages in the area.

Thanks you all for your faithful prayers on my behalf and for this school—I treasure them more than you can know. Thank you for all your gifts and notes of encouragement, and may the Lord bless you all richly this year.

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