Monday, February 11, 2013


One of my favorite parts of teaching is reading the often hilarious sentence errors that my students produce. Here is a vocabulary quiz sentence from a 7th grader in all its glory:

“As farmer brown brandished a calf I felt like I was brandished to.”

I’m not sure which is more alarming—the thought of a farmer brandishing a calf, knowing that if he was that strong he could brandish me too, or feeling so sympathetic to the calf that I joined in on the experience emotionally!

This weekend was much better than my last weekend on—no carrying kicking and screaming first graders bodily away from their parents, and it didn’t rain while I was on river duty! I actually got some knitting done at the river, and we made it up for prayers in good time. I also gave a first sock knitting lesson—yet another person successfully hooked! Beth has pegged me as a knitting missionary, and while I don’t carry yarn and needles around just in case I might make a convert, I have given more than my share of knitting lessons and tips!

We had some good rain the other day, but are still praying for more. With all the green around it’s hard to believe that we are way behind on our rainfall. The people here do not plan more than a day or two ahead, so if their crops failed or the wells ran dry, it would be devastating to this area. How easy it is to take something so vital for granted!

Parting shot—we have double trouble in grade two this year, and no, I can’t tell them apart yet!

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  1. That must have been very upsetting to have to take kids that young away from their parents. I feel bad for the kids at the military school close by here that come as 4th graders. I think kids need their Moms & Dads (someone to show them love) for more yrs. Well our snow disappeared but strong winds have taken their place. Winter has not left yet!! Glad you are receiving more rain. Have a good week. Hugs gw