Monday, February 18, 2013

Sleep, blessed sleep!

My number one priority for this weekend was to SLEEP and SLEEP, and maybe just for some variety, SLEEP. I’ve been so tired these last few days, and as the week doesn’t lend itself to naps, I figured this was my chance to seize the day! Now, having slept I’m feeling a lot better about the world in general, and I have a regained sense of perspective.

Friday was the board meeting, so Sakeji was teaming with visitors from all over Zambia. The evening of board meeting is usually a devotional/recap of the meeting, and this time there was an amazing time of singing that spontaneously started. There is something so powerful about singing words you all know and believe in with a group of people from all over the world. Truly the body of Christ is an amazing thing!

My kids had their midterms this week, and I’m slowly marking my way through them. The 6th graders have a lot of learn about performing under pressure, but I keep telling myself that if the 7th graders can be where they are today—than I can bring even this class up to par!

Parting shot—three siblings and some seriously big hair! Depending on the girl, kids go anywhere from a day to a few weeks before they begin the exciting occupation of picking out their carefully braided hair and having their friends and older students give them a new ‘do.’

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  1. Dear Lina: Yes, sleep is important & feels so good when one is stressed out. Picture of the girls is cute. They are sure nice looking girls. Do take care of yourself as they need you too be there for them & feeling well. Love gw