Monday, February 25, 2013

Little Things

*There were two vipers down by the admin in the last few days--thankfully no one was bitten! This did a prove a good chance to review snake procedure though... These kids like to run *to* snakes!

*My dog is bouncing again, so she's had a very quick recovery! The whole getting pills down her has been a little interesting, but I've found something she likes that I can hide them in now. She is on 'porch rest' for a week, so we've had some nice evening walks.

*We've been getting some good soaking rains--PtL! Hopefully this will be enough to fill up the river and the wells. A drought would be so devastating.

*I had a lovely talk with my dad last night--I'm getting so excited about seeing my family again!

Parting Shot: Isn't he a cutie? He looks just like his big brother...

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