Friday, September 20, 2013

Beauty despite the dust

Things remain very hot, dry, and dusty around here, but there are some beautiful trees that flower at this time of year and give the eye relief from the depressing browns and reds of the parched earth. I have been enjoying this Flamboyant tree for the past week--I love the splash of scarlet!

The purple of the jacaranda trees is another thing I love about this time of year--they remind me of the curtains of wisteria that grace East Texas in the spring.

The life of a teacher is seldom dull--last week I had a kitchen full of kool-aid dyed yarn from handwork. Talk about an interesting combination of smells... The kids love doing this activity, and I enjoy watching them get to experience a little bit more of the fiber process. I also love how easy this is to do, and that the sun takes care of all the heating for me!

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