Friday, September 13, 2013

Fire and Rain

The other night while I was watering my strawberries, I heard what I at first thought was rain pattering across a tin roof. I soon realized that it was the opposite of rain--there was a huge fire up on the far side of the airstrip. I went up to check it out and was treated to an awesome sight-

Standing on the end of the airstrip I could feel the heat even though there was no wind. While it was a little scary, there was something exhilarating about the flames leaping up into the night.

The hall project continues--the roofing sheets are being put on, and I'm getting very excited to see the finished product!

Last night there was a lot of thunder and we started to get our hopes up. Sure enough, there we got rain! Now, if you have never experienced the terrible dust and barrenness of dry season, it is probably hard to understand why we were so very excited for our first proper rain. We went outside to smell the delicious smell that comes off the earth with the first rains and rejoiced that the dry season is coming to an end. The smell of rain is one of the things I love most about Africa--there is nothing quite like how clean the air feels here. Hopefully we'll get a lot of rain this season to make up for the droughts we've had the last few years. Water is such a precious gift; how often we forget that.

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