Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kids are a never ending source of laughter

I got some good laughs from various students this week, and thought I'd share some of what makes a teacher's job endlessly interesting. The other day one of the first grade girls came running up to give me a hug, paused, and said in a slightly put out tone of voice, "Miss B, when I hug you I can't reach 'round your back!" Considering how much taller I am than her, fair 'nough!

I gave the exam for my astronomy unit this week, and in the days leading up to the test I heard a lot of people chanting the mnemonic 'My very energetic mother just served us nine pizzas' to remember the order of the planets. Well, when I marked the tests, I found that one kid had written, "Uranus, Neptune, Pizza" on her paper! We both had a good laugh when I told her. Poor Pluto--demoted again!

I was talking with Jill in the dining hall the other morning, and I looked over and saw one of our grade one students stuffing a massive bite of rice cake into his mouth. "B!" I said. "That was a huge bite! I can see your cheek sticking out to here!" As I exaggerated with my hand how far his cheek was sticking out, he gave a puzzled look at his shoulder, and then over his shoulder to try and see what I was talking about. They can be so literal at that age!

Parting shot: One of my hibiscuses has been been blooming spectacularly this week--how lovely!

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