Friday, June 6, 2014

How is it week 6 already?

It’s been a slightly wild week for me—half-term always throws things off somewhat, and while I did a lot of work to catch up on marking, there was plenty to keep me busy! Some of the staff have been struggling with a violent (yet thankfully brief!) virus; we’re praying that the kids will be spared, and that there will never be to many of us down at a time. Other than that, it’s just been a typical week at a boarding school. I’ve actually had my camera out some; here are some pictures from the last week.

Work on the ‘container depot’ continues—this is what it looked like at the beginning of the week.

Mid-week they brought another container over on the school lorry; you can see the container jacks on the sides. Not a job I’d like to be in charge of!

It’s poinsettia time in Zambia!

Most people don’t realize that they actually grow to tree size when they are in the right climate.

Parting shot: Two junior boys enjoying half-term.

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