Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pyramids, Firebreak, and the joys of being an adult.

Friday was one of those know the kind! First thing that morning my cat threw up on my bed, so I had to clean that up before heading over for class. House meetings threw off the normal routine a bit, and one of my kids needed to say her last two verses after I lead the dish crew after supper. As I struggled through those with her, she informed me that another of my students had thrown up right after supper. Where? I inquired uneasily. On, somewhere around upper school she said. Yeah--right in the doorway of my classroom! When incidents of that nature occur out here, we throw sand on the mess to dry it out and cover it up. So, this morning I helped my student scoop, shovel, and sweep up her mess from the night before. You never know what you'll have to deal with when you work with children and animals!

This week has been firebreak burning week, so there has been lots of bits of ash everywhere. You learn very quickly not to swipe them off when they land on you as that would leave a big black smudge, and you also learn to keep your windows closed at certain times! Here are some pictures from the burning right by my house. Thankfully my garden survived!

My students and I built pyramids this week--what fun! I had the grade 7's draft their pyramids from scratch, and because I am a continually growing wiser teacher who knows what a good recipe for crazy is, I had the grade 6 students do a cool pop up pyramid project that I found. Here are some pictures of them hard at work, and then the finished products:

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  1. These are really cool pyramids! How did your classes do them?!