Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Last few days of term 1!

Through the grace of God I managed to survive my 19th report card and exam week. I even finished my reports in record time—by 10am Saturday morning! (They are due at midnight, Saturday) I was able to take a nap on Saturday afternoon, and to go to joint prayer meeting at Kalene on Sunday afternoon. After having pushed so hard all week to get this massive project done, it felt so good to relax a bit over Saturday and Sunday evening. I got some knitting done! I started a new mystery novel!

Yesterday was clearing out my students desks, throwing out unneeded papers, and taking care of some loose ends. I finally got their paint chip color poems up,

I baked their cylinder seals (we were learning about ancient Mesopotamia and I happened to have enough polymer clay. 1/3 of a brick is perfect for this project, just in case you wondered!),

And here they are working busily Monday morning.

Today was our Easter music assembly; I have to have my dose of Easter. The kids started flying out this morning morning at 10:15, and by Thursday morning we’ll have the place to ourselves again. It’s been a good term in many ways, but boy am I glad it’s over!

Parting shot: They now have the roof on the new covered play area! (The upper tennis court for those who know the school)

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