Thursday, July 18, 2013

Travel Plans

Here are my upcoming travel plans in a little more detail, and also a prayer request.

July 23-28: Tennessee to visit my grandparents. I'm looking forward to the more 'northernly climes' and the chance to get in a good visit the first generation of Zambian missionaries in my family. Both of my grandparents have spent years of their life working in a Christian school environment, so it will be good to talk with them and get some good counsel as I continue my journey in teaching at a mission school.

August 1-4: St. Louis to take my mom to a writer's conference. Looks like I'll get some good knitting and reading time in, as well as possibly checking out some free attractions.

August 6-13: Montana to visit my dear friend Annie and her husband. I've never been to that part of the states, so I'm excited about getting to see what all that big sky talk is about!

August 13-20: Ohio to visit another dear friend, Jennifer.

And then of course, the big one...

August 29: Starting my trip back home to Sakeji!

And that leads nicely into the prayer request! I am working on making a decision on how I'm going to get back up to the school, and need wisdom because there are lots of factors like time, money, luggage, and people's feelings to take into account here. Too bad you can't just telaport to where you want to go...

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