Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A praise and about to start another journey

After getting back from Tennessee on Sunday, I noticed that the car I am leasing from MTT was wobbling and bumping a bit at certain speeds, so I called them up and took it to a local tire place to have them take a look at it. The verdict--three bad tired which were starting to separate! I'm so glad I noticed, and that it was a quick, easy fix. MTT has been so wonderful to deal with, and having a car this summer has been such a blessing. Now I feel a lot better about hitting the interstate again tomorrow to head to St. Louis.

This morning I gave a brief presentation to my dad's work crew as a part of their saftey meeting. It ended up having a bit of the "zed-factor" flavor about it as the computer didn't work so I couldn't show my powerpoint! I did the best I could with just words though, and I'll be leaving a photo book I put together this furlough in my dad's office for a few days so the interested can come take a look. I might end up with one more presentation before heading back at the end of the month--time is running out fast!

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