Friday, January 10, 2014

First Week of School

1) All the kids arrived back safely, and classes seem to have started off well.

2) I really enjoy these first few days when the kids are all still on their best behavior...

3) I killed a small snake in my kitchen the other day. Got my heart rate up, and provided some entertainment for my cat. Not sure what it was, but when it's in your house all snakes are BAD.

4) After almost 5 hour of laboring with Jill, the music shelf and cupboard are once again usable, and we are getting rid of A LOT of things that we will never use. It's amazing how much space we have now!

5) It's been really cool and overcast these last few days; I keep hoping for a sunny morning to make getting up easier. Good thing I've got lots of handknit socks to enjoy in the evenings!

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