Thursday, January 30, 2014


As I was getting ready for my singing assembly with the children this week, I found this song again, and was struck by how well it went with what I’m trying to do with getting my heart and eating more solidly under the Lord’s control.

Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you,
Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you,
I am not afraid, I am not dismayed,
For I’m walking in faith and victory:
Come on and walk in faith and victory,
For the Lord your God is with you.

I have determined in my heart that good habits must continue, and that bad ones must be changed. I continue to learn to predetermine what my food choices for the day will look like before I walk into the situation, and am determined to remember my identity in Christ. I am a blood-bought, radically loved, work in progress. The Master is slowly chipping the hard edges of my character away so that I look more like Him, and in the process teaching more about Himself and the abundant, wonderful life He wants me to have. A life where He is my all in all, and where I walk confidently for the Lord my God is with and for me.

So, through this week and its temptations, I’ve been singing this song to myself as a reminder of what I have in Christ, and who I am. With the Lord’s power at work in me, excelsior!


  1. Oh I love that song! Going to teach it to my kids today! Thanks for sharing your thoughts this week for the blog hop!

  2. Love this!! My one word for 2014 is "bold"!

    I, too, find it easier if I predetermine what I am going to eat for the day. :)

    Thank you for sharing with us today!!

    In His love,
    Pat (OBS Blog Team)

  3. "For I’m walking in faith and victory:" I love this. I love your updates on what's going on in your Bush School. I will look for your Blog next week. See you then.