Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life is a polka...come on and dance, dance, dance!

So, it’s been a rather hairy few days! Here, in brief, is some of the madness in the bush.

* During my senior recorder students ‘play for a grade’ last week, they killed a bat and tried to give me a dead kingfisher to deal with.

* I had a very busy weekend on in which I again made the 66 cup pancake recipe, did a whole lot of dishes, helped with the tea for prayer meeting, and got to hear some lovely music and a great presentation from the Hungarian doctor and his family who are currently serving at Kalene.

* A very quick (about 5 minutes), very scary lighting storm on Saturday took out our big photocopier, the internet, and various other electrical things. Thankfully I made it up from the river with all the kids before the lighting started, and (obviously) our internet is back up and running. The photocopier is in Lusaka, and we’re making do as best we can for exam week without it.

* I finally got my travel down to Lusaka sorted out, and I’ve got a trip within the States booked, but I’m still working through getting back from Lusaka in January.

* I looked at my work permit the other day to find that I was again shorted—I only got a year and four months instead of the two years I was supposed to! So, I’m working on getting my paperwork together for yet another extension. This means I will have to leave my country without my permit, AGAIN, while it’s in Lusaka, and also that we have to track down the elusive local emigration guy to certify some copies for me. Oh the joys!

Well, I need to get back to work—there is so much to do this week! May I find my strength in Him, and bring Him honor and glory with my thoughts, words, and actions this week.

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  1. Definitely never a dull moment! Glad I missed some of the madness, but I'm actually starting to miss it. Crazy eh? ;) Can't believe you're home in 6 days! ENJOY Christmas with the family! Safe Travels!!