Monday, November 3, 2014

2 Things

First of all I forgot to mention that Zambia's president, Michael Sata passed away last Tuesday, so the country is working through what to do next since the vice president doesn't qualify to finish out the term under the constitution. Please pray for Zambia that this will be a peaceful transition, and that we will get an honest, Godly man in office.

Secondly, it's become a real headache trying to get my flights down to Lusaka at the end of term figured out, and I could use some wisdom and patience. Right now it would be ideal if I could get my Emirates ticket changed for departing Lusaka two days earlier, but the cost is pretty staggering. I'm going to call them again next Saturday to see if the price has gone down any before I make my final arrangements. Two days isn't much, but it would allow me my only chance to see a dear friend. Some times living in such a remote spot is a big challenge!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lina, just want you to know I'm praying about your transportation challenges and very much hope that you will be able to work things out in order to be able to see your friend!