Sunday, November 2, 2014

Last month

How is it November already? How can I have 25 more days to finish off this term, get a program off the ground, and get my Sakeji year squared away? How am I going to be able to wait for the 30 days till I get to see my beloved family and East Texas again?

This week was wild with its own particular challenges, but God is and was good. Our little first grader got his cast off (much to EVERYONE’S relief)!

We had a HUGE rainstory yesterday—2.5 inches according to our rain gauge. I was down at the river with the kids while it was brewing; we just made it up in time! It was the strangest thing; the front had been slowly rumbling in for quite awhile, and then all of a sudden it was sunny to the west and BLACK to the east. Let that teach me to leave my raincoat behind…

My new sewing machine arrived! I’ve been without one for about a year, and I finally used it for the first time today to alter a blouse (something I’m doing a lot of it seems). I. Love. It. I was so sad to lose my faithful old White, but I think Janome and I are going to get along just fine. Of course I do realize that now this means that they will discontinue that brand as well…since my mom and I like it!

This Monday and Tuesday are our second half-term; while it will be kind of nice to have a break from classes, I’m also sorry for yet another interruption. Lord, give me wisdom to know what Your goals for this term are, and to not get stuck on what I wanted instead.

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